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What is Service Express?

Service Express is Honda Canada’s Web-based system for delivering electronic service training to the aftermarket. Honda Canada's Technical Training programs for independent automobile repair facilities consist of the same high quality training materials offered to Honda and Acura dealerships. These programs are structured around a standardized performance-based, modular curriculum of Individualized Skills Training (IST). Part of Honda Canada’s IST is in-dealership self-study to acquire component, systems and diagnostic knowledge.  These programs are available to purchase by independent technicians and repair facilities through this Website only and not through Honda Canada or their dealers.


How Does It Work?

You search in Service Express by selecting the Curriculum in the drop down menu you are interested in.  Each curriculum is priced according to the number of individual modules that it contains.   Once you have decided to purchase the Curriculum place it into your shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout.  You can complete your purchase using VISA, MasterCard or a PayPal account.


Shared Technology

While Honda and Acura remain separate and distinct brands from sales and marketing perspectives, many of the vehicle components and systems are shared. The majority of Honda Canada’s IST curriculum is technology-based which means a student will be trained on a specific technology rather than on a specific brand or model.











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