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How Our Technical Training Works

The self-paced training modules in the Honda Canada curriculum provide the student with the information needed to understand the construction, function, operation, and fundamental diagnosis procedures of the various components and systems found on Honda and Acura automobiles. Some modules may require the use of supplemental service publications such as service manual or service bulletins which are also available to purchase from Honda Canada.

Each curriculum is made up of a number of course modules.  In general, technicians begin by completing modules at the top of the curriculum list and work their way to the bottom. Keep in mind that attempting to complete a high level module without first completing its prerequisites can result in large knowledge gaps. There are a unique number of modules for each curriculum and the price is based on the number of modules available.

Honda Canada does not offer certification or acknowledgement for training completed by independent technicians. In addition, there is no provision to validate the independent technician's ability to satisfactorily complete the practice exercises included in the modules. Honda Canada’s Training Centres are not open to independent technicians or repair facility owner/operators.










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